Wide Awake by Shelly Crane Book Review!

Wide Awake - Shelly Crane

In case you couldn't tell I am a huge Shelly Crane fan. This time I'm reviewing a book in one of her other series: Wide Awake.


Emma wakes up from six month coma and she doesn't remember anything of her life. The more she learns about the person she used to be the more she doesn't want to be the old her, and ends up falling for her physical therapist Mason.


I love this book so much! If I was in Emma's shoes and I found out I've done the things she did I wouldn't want anything to do with the old me. But Emma gives being the old her a try and she hates it. It makes her want to be a better person.


And Mason. I. Love. Mason. He is so sweet! I love how he is with Emma, and his mom. I just love him! I need more Mason and Emma in my life!


I didn't really like Emma's "friends", or Andrew. I didn't really like her parents in the beginning. They wanted the old Emma back and seemed to oblivious to the fact that the old Emma was a brat.


This book had my attention from the first chapter, I think. The plot wasn't really an uncommon one (the the series finale of Full House comes to mind), but at the same time it was different. Emma tries to be the person she once was, but the more she ties the more she she wants nothing to do with the person she used to be.


Mason's story was sad. the whole thing with his mom and his brother and how he blames himself. And when Emma said she's not leaving him, that part was so sweet!


I really love this book.