Independence by Shelly Crane Book Review!

Independence - Shelly Crane

I'm back to review another Shelly Crane, Independence, the fourth book in the Significance series.






I this it's finally happening! CALEB AND MAGGIE GET MARRIED!!!! So does Kyle and Lynne!!! And Bish and Jen!!! But, of course, the Watsons have to try to ruin everything! This might be my favorite of the series.


I don't think I have to explain my obsession with CalebxMaggie (whatever their shipping name is). I talked about this in past reviews. I also love Lynne and Kyle. They're so cute! And Bish and Jen are finally together, I'm really happy about that.


The people I didn't like were Maggie's mom and Marcus. They are seriously annoying! Another thing I didn't like was Beck's additude when she found out that Maggie was an Ace. I mean, seriously. Why in books, TV shows, and movies when someone has mutant powers and everyone else calls them freaks? If my best friend told me she had powers I'd happy and maybe a little bit jealous. 


I also love that the book made two Imagine Dragons references! I love them! 


And the epilogue was so cute!!! I'm glad Caleb and Maggie got the happy ending they deserve.