Defiance by Shelly Crane Book Review!

Defiance - Shelly Crane

Defiance is the third book in the Significance series by Shelly Crane. It's been a while since I reviewed a book in this series but I  dot books three and four recently and I'm ready to review them.  Spoiler ahead! Read at your on risk!


The book takes place immediately after the second one, and Maggie, Caleb, the rest of the Jacobson family are at the Reunification and things aren't exactly smooth sailing. The counsel want Maggie to stay permanently, Marla and Marcus jerks, but what else is new.


I love this book! Caleb and Maggie are the best!!! The Caleb and Maggie moments are always going to be my favorite parts. I love that Maggie broke Caleb out of jail, and that she stands up to Donald. I just like Maggie as a character. I love Caleb with a passion. His character is awesome, he is so sweet. and I love how he is toward Maggie.


I love Caleb's family. I love Peter more than I did before. Seeing him defend his family against Donald was awesome, because we see kind of a different side too him. And I love Gran. She is spunky sweet. and Maria was cute and she says one of me favorite quotes from the book.


And Bish and Jen finally imprinted!!! FINALLY!!! And Maggie's dad imprinted which I liked. Fiona is a HUGE step up to Maggie's mom.


Two of my least favorite characters died and I can honestly say that I wont miss them. And why did Rodney have to die? Why?!


That's all I wanted to say.