The Selection by Kiera Cass Book Review!

The Selection - Kiera Cass

I'm back with another review! This time I'm reviewing The Selection which is the first book in the Selection trilogy by Kiera Cass. I loved this book!!!


Everyone in the country of Illea are rated by the caste system starting from One to Eight and your caste determines her occupation, pretty much. America Singer, a Five is in love with Aspen, a Six, who tells her to enter the Selection. Whoever wins the Selection gets to marry Prince Maxon. When America meets Maxon he's nothing like she thought he was and starts falling for him, not sure if she should choose Aspen or Maxon.


I ship Maxon and America so hard! For me the boat of 'Who Do I Ship With America' sailed when I first saw Maxon. When I saw Aspen and America being all couple-y I felt nothing and Aspen kept reminding me of Gale from The Hunger Games. But when I saw Maxon and America together I couldn't help smiling. And when Aspen came back into the picture near the end of the book I wanted him to leave. I have nothing against Aspen, I just don't really like him that much. And if you read my reviews you know how I feel about love triangles.


I love Maxon's character. He's so different from every guy in every YA book that I read so far. He's so polite, and compassionate, and just a gentleman which was very nice to see.

And then there's Celeste who I REALLY don't like! Her character reminds me of Nellie Olsen from the Little House books. I like Marlee and America's friendship, and it was nice to see that not all of the girls were competitive and were nice to America. 


And let's take a moment and look at the book cover. That's one of the reasons why I love this series: the covers are beautiful and the dresses are so pretty!


I saw some people say that this book is "too girly", but I'm perfectly fine with that. The Selection isn't The hunger Games, or Divergent, or Legend and I like those books and all, but sometimes it's nice to have a change and this was a change I liked.

All in all, this was a great book, and I want to read The Elite.