Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi Book Review!

Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky) - Veronica Rossi

Through the Ever Night is the second book in the Under the Never Sky trilogy by Veronica Rossi.


Aria and Perry are reunited! But when they return to the Tides everyone hates Aria because shes a Dweller. Aria and Roar leave the Tides to try to find Liv.


The book start where Under the Never Sky left off. Perry and Aria are reunited, but almost everyone at the Tides don't seem to ship it. I like Brooke a lot less. She keeps being rude to Aria. Brooke could have handled the situation a whole lot better.


I wish Aria and Roar didn't leave, that was frustrating. I don't like Kiera and it looks like I had good reason to. The whole time Perry and Kiera were alone I was like "KIERA STAY AWAY FROM PERRY!!!!!"  I love Roar and Liv together, but Veronica Rossi kind of just threw that OTP out the window (thanks for that Veronica Rossi). But I'm so glad that we got to see them together even though it was for like a second.


I love Cinder, and Talon, and I also like Reef, and most of the other people of the Tides. But there's also a new enemy to worry about: Sable.


I really did like this book. It's not my favorite in the trilogy, but I like it all the same.