Uncommon Criminals by Ally Carter Book Review!

Uncommon Criminals  - Ally Carter

Uncommon criminals is the second book in the Heist Society series by Ally Carer.


Kat came back to the family business but only to steal works of art that were stolen and return them to the rightful owners. When a woman tells Kat the Cleopatra Emerald really is hers, Kat and the gang manage to steal it only to and find out that they've bean conned. In a race against the clock Kat and her friends have to steal the emerald, again before time runs out.


Kat seems to be confused over her feelings for Hale. She's kind of drunk on the rush that comes with stealing things as her Gabrielle said. 


Hale Seems more protective of Kat in this book. He still hates Nick, that hasn't changed. Did anyone else thought it was awesome when Hale threw the punch at Nick? Cause I did. I still ship Kat and Hale really hard. Who doesn't?


Everyone else was awesome. I love Simon, the Bagshaw's, Gabrielle, and even Uncle Eddie.


And I'm kind of starting to ship Simon and Gabrielle as a couple.


I love what they did to Maggie at the end; that was so awesome! Best con ever! And I loved how Kat cornered Oliver Kelly in the elevator, and when they're on Hales ship, etc. The whole book is awesome! Well done, Ally Carter.