Heist Society by Ally Carter Book Review!

Heist Society - Ally Carter

I'm now finally going to review Heist Society by Ally Carter, the same author who wrote the Gallagher Girls series.  I am a HUGE fan of both series.


Katarina Bishop was born in a family full of art thieves, but then she decides that she wants out of the family business and cons her way into one of the best schools in the country. But she comes back to the business when her dad is accused of stealing paintings from a very dangerous man, and Kat and her team have to get them before time runs out.


Kat is an amazing character. She's smart, she's quick on her feet, and she she's trying everything she can to help her dad. 


And it goes without question that I love Hale. He's so amazing! I LOVE HIM! Who else ships Kat and Hale?


I, of course, love the rest of their crew. I love Simon, and Hamish and Angus, and I like Kat's cousin Gabrielle. I'm not to big a fan of Nick, though.


I also love Kat's dad and her uncle Eddie. And I love the ending!


This is an awesome book. It's just as good as the Gallagher Girls series.