Nancy Drew #2: The Hidden Staircase by Carolyn Keene Book Review!

The Hidden Staircase - Mildred Benson, Carolyn Keene



I'm back with another Nancy Drew book review! This time I'm reviewing the second book. in the series: The Hidden Staircase, which happens to be one of my favorites.


Nancy's friend, Helen, asks her to come to Twin Elms Manor and solve a ghost haunting for Helen's great-aunt and great-grandmother. And Nancy's dad's life is in danger.


I Probably should have mentioned this in my last ND review, but I love Nancy's relationship with her dad and their house keeper, Hannah. Carson Drew is one of my favorite fictional dads', and Hannah is a really sweet, motherly figure toward Nancy.


We see more of Helen then we did in the last book. Helen is also engaged to a man named Jim Archer (who is also in the Secret of the Old Clock game). Helen's great-grandmother and great-aunt Rosemary are also nice characters.


All the haunting at Twin Elms Manor was kind of cool, like when the chandelier started swing,  and music played out of nowhere, the owl in the house, etc.


Then the book gets more intense when Nancy's dad gets kidnapped by the people who are trying to make Helen's great-grandmother sell Twin Elms. Not cool.


One of my favorite parts of the book was when Nancy and Helen are exploring Riverveiw Manor and find the hidden staircase. That part was good and also a little bit scary.


And Nancy's Dad's Okay! Yay!


Well, that's it for now.