Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson Book Review

The Angel Experiment  - James Patterson



Today I'm gonna review The Angel Experiment, which is the first book in the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson. 


It's is about a girl named Maximum "Max" Ride and her Flock, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, The Gasman (or Gazzy), and Angel who is Gazzy's sister.  They've been experimented on since the were babies by evil scientist at a mad science lab called The School, making them 98% human and 2% bird (so they have wings). After a few peaceful years of not sleeping in a dog crate, things take a turn for the worse when the evil scientist want them back and are telling Max the she has to save the world  which seems like a really big burden for a fourteen year old girl.


I really love this book!  It is so awesome and action packed.  I love the flock, and Ella and her mom.


I love Max.  She is a take charge, leader kind of person.  I love the sibling relationship that she has with the rest of the Flock.


And, of course, I really, Really Really love Fang!  I Love him!  I seriously ship Fang and Max.  I like his character.


Another character I love Is Iggy.  He's sarcastic, funny, he makes bombs and can cook better anyone in the Flock while being blind!  I love him!


I also kind of like Nudge.  She's very talkative and she's very into fashion.  I think she's a sweet kid.


I love Gazzy, he's such a sweetie!  He's Iggy best friend,  and He also makes bombs.


Angel is Gazzy's little sister and they're the only blood relatives in the Flock.  I like Angle but I have moments where I don't like her.  I did like her for the most part in this book but when I got to the part when [spoiler] Angel used her mind power to force a lady into buying her a teddy bear, I was a little suspicious of Angel.


[spoiler] I just want add that I really love the part when Max kissed Fang on the beach.  Fax for the win!


I love this book and the series.  I highly recommend it.