Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover by Ally Carter Book Review!

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover  - Ally Carter

Hi guys!

I'm gonna do a review on the third book in the Gallagher Girls series: Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover.  I really love this book!  We don't get to see a lot of Zach in this book, but we get some really cool Zammie (Zach and Cammie) moments that kind of makes up for it.  There is going to be spoilers in this review.

Cammie visits Macey at the end of her summer vacation, but they get attacked by a terrorist organization called The Circle of Caven who appear to be after Macey, or are they?

I like that we get to so more of Macey in this book and get to know her better.  She's a awesome and funny character.  I also really like Preston.  I'm a total Pracey shipper.

And Cammie is, of course, still one of my favorite characters.  She's still strong and smart and a really awesome spy.

I love Zach in this book (well, to be honest I love him in all the books).  I like how he jest pops out of nowhere.  Like I said before we don't see a lot of Zach in the book,  he's probably is in, like, five or six scenes, but he's still as cool as ever.

I also really like Abby, Cammie's aunt.  She's such a cool person and a really awesome spy. 

I really like the part when Zach and Cammie were hiding on the train, and when Cammie runs into Zach and judo flipped him, and just like every GG book there are some really awesome quotes, I also like the ending.

I love this book. It's funny and just awesome!  I definitely recommend it.