Uprising by Shelly Crane Book Review!

Uprising  - Shelly Crane

Today I'm reviewing Uprising by Shelly Crane, which is the second book in the Collide series.


So much happens in this book. Sherry and Merrick's little group is getting bigger and bigger, and the Taker is getting creepier and creepier. The Specials getting strange powers for no apparent reason (This technically happened in the last book, but I forgot to mention it).


What makes this book different from the last one is that we get Cain and Lillian's POV's, not just Sherry and Merrick's. I love Cain and Lillian! We also get the Taker's POV sometimes, too.


Shelly Crane really pulled on my my heart strings this time. Cain and Lillian are so cute! They are so good together that you can't help but ship it. And Jeff and Marissa finally got together! The are so cute and everyone finding out was hilarious. If you're anything like me then you'll have four or five OTPs by the end of the series.


Cain at one point admits that he is in love with Sherry. I disliked that part not because I didn't like Cain, but because I really don't like love triangles. But Cain is a really good guy and doesn't act on his feelings toward Sherry. All in all I really like Cain's relationship with Sherry and Merrick.


I also like Lillian and Sherry's friendship. In the last book Lillian was in, like,one part (she may have been in more but I don't remember). After her husband's death, Lillian is trying to move on and seems to really drawn to Cain. I really love the part when Lillian goes to rescue Cain. 


And then Shelly Crane did a thing that broke my heart. The part in which Merrick asked Sherry if she was cheating on him with Cain. That part and the few chapters after that just broke me. I knew Piper was behind it! Shelly Crane really had me worried. 


Danial is interesting. He's a Lighter but goes from bad to good after seeing Lillian. He also helps out Sherry at the end of the book. I like Danial, but He's not my favorite.


And then there's Lily. Lily is three year old girl whom Sherry and Merrick adopt. I love the cute family moments they have.


Two characters have birthdays in this book. Sherry turns twenty and Calvin turns twelve, I think.


I like that all the Specials have super powers. Cain's power is especially awesome.


I love this book. Shelly Crane is amazing.