Guitar Notes by Mary Amato Book Review!

Guitar Notes - Mary Amato

I stayed up all night finishing Guitar notes by Mary Amato, and now it's time to review it. 


Tripp loves to play guitar, but when his mom takes it away to get him to socialize he signs up to use one of the school's practice rooms to play the guitar. Lyla is a cellist who doesn't really like playing the cello but does it to make people happy. Tripp and Lyla end up sharing the practice room, Tripp gets it on odd days and Lyla gets it on even days. They start leaving notes for each other and from an unlikely friendship and write all sorts of songs together.


I love Tripp. He's so funny. Some of the stuff he pulls on his mom are funny like when he replaced the coffee grounds with dirt or when he put her check book in the freezer because she froze his bank account. I don't condone what he does but it's funny.


I also like Lyla. To be honest I liked Trips POV more than Lyla's. Don't get me wrong, I love Lyla, but there moments where I wish she'd say 'no' to her dad and Annie about some things. I know she didn't want to disappoint them but still.


Maybe the reason I didn't love Lyla's POV as much as Tripp's is because I don't like Annie. I disliked Annie the whole book. She was so pushy and rude and annoying. She was always like "You think you're better then me" or "You hate me" and it really got on my nerves!


Another character I didn't really like was Tripp's mom. She takes his guitar while he's sleeping and left him a note saying he would get it back at the end of the semester if he gets good grades and if he tries to be more social. Are you kidding me?! She doesn't even discuss it with him. She could have handled the situation way better than she did. It would be like my parents taking my books away.


I love all the moments when Tripp and Lyla are together. I like the part when they stole the blasty rug and gave to the little boy, and when they talk on the phone, and text; it was just really sweet. Yeah, I kind of ship tripp and Lyla.


I also really love the songs Mary Amato wrote for the book. My favorite, I think, is Lucky Me.


And now for the ending. I was so afraid that Lyla wasn't going to wake up, and I was just crying and crying and crying some more. And then she wakes up the sound of Tripp singing and I was so relieved and happy!!! I can't tell you how happy I was. Some people say that the ending was rushed and that's true I guess, but it really doesn't bother me.


I really love this book. My one problem is that it leaves me wanting more.