Wide Spaces by Shelly Crane Book review!

Wide Spaces - Shelly Crane

Wide Spaces by Shelly Crane is a novella that takes place after Wide Awake. I mention in my past reviews that I love Shelly Crane's books and this one is no exception.


This novella Is narrated by both Emma and Mason's POV. Mason's POV is awesome. There's is also some really sweet Mason and Emma moments that made me love them more then I originally did. Mason still blames himself for what happened to his mother, and he is able to move on when she tells him that she trusted him and that it wasn't his fault.


Emma gets stranded in a blizzard, and Mason, being the awesome man he is, saves her just in nick of time. And it ended with Emma's and Mason's wedding and honeymoon. 


And the part that really made me happy was that Mason's brother Milo came to their wedding! For some reason it made very happy. In Wide Awake we didn't know a lot about Milo except that he hates Mason and blames him for what happened to their mom, so to see him at the wedding kind of showed that he still loved his brother.


All in all, this novella was awesome, but let's be real, anything Shelly Crane writes is awesome.