Kilmeny of the Orchard by L. M. Montgomery Book Review!

Kilmeny of the Orchard - L.M. Montgomery

I'm now going to review Kilmeny of the Orchard by L. M. Montgomery. I love this book! Montgomery captured my heart yet again.


The book starts with Eric who just graduated college and teaches at a school in Lindsay in Prince Edward Island. When he's walking through an orchard he meets Kilmeny Gordon, who is mute and plays the violin.


I love this book! Compared to L. M. Montgomery's other books like Anne of Green Gables, this book is short (I own the ebook version and it was a hundred and three pages), but that didn't bother me. Would I like the book to be longer? Yeah, I guess. Do I wish Montgomery wrote a sequel? Heck yes! But I love this book all the same.


In my past reviews its kind of obvious that I'm a true romantic. As much as I love Anne and Gilbert from Anne of Green gables, I love Eric and Kilmeny's romance. Their love story is not an uncommon one, but it's so sweet. There is kind of a love triangle (is it still a love triangle if the was never girl in love with the other guy?), but this doesn't bother because we really don't see a lot of Neil in the book.


Another thing I love about L. M. Montgomery books is Prince Edward Island. She describes so beautifully. I really want to go there now! I think Montgomery was born on PEI. I think all her book take place on the island too.


I also really like the writing style. The wording is very old fashioned (since the book came out over a hundred years ago that's not surprising), and the author wrote that made it sound poetic and beautiful, or at least I think so.


I love this book. And it's definitely something I'll reread and reread.