My Lunar Chronicles Playlist

Cinder  - Marissa Meyer Scarlet - Marissa Meyer Cress - Marissa Meyer

A list of songs I think are good for the Lunar Chronicles (some of the songs from other TLC playlist). Listen on 8tracks


1. Without You by Lana Del Rey

2. Selene by Imagine Dragons 

3. Make Me a Robot by Tessa Violet

4. Murder a Dream by My Fair Fiend

5. Something That I Want by Grace Potter

6. Rabbit Heart by Florence + The Machine

7. Madness by Muse

8. Legendary by The Summer Set

9. Cannonball by Lea Michele 

10. Glory and Gore by Lorde

11. It's Time by Imagine Dragons

12. Some Nights by Fun.

13. Howl by Florence + The Machine

14. Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru

15. C'mon by Panic! At The Disco & Fun.

16. Brick By Boring Brick by Paramore

17. You're Mine by Lea Michele

18. Of the Moon by Jenna Clare

19. Things We Lost In The Fire by Bastille

20. Counting Stars by OneRepublic

21. Crown by Jenna Clare feat. Gio Navas