Six Reasons Why I love YA fiction: *not trying to put down adult fiction

1: Because I'm a teen and I can relate

2: Most of them aren't about a boring divorce or some adult matter, YA is filled with the unimaginable stuff like Angels and Vampires. So it's more of an escape from life.

3: The covers are just downright GORGEOUS... I mean I know they say don't judge a book by it's cover (or movie), but ehhhh

4: Funner (wait is that even a word?) fandoms, I really don't see people fangirling over adult books.

5: Anything can happen, anything.

6: The authors are crazier than you are.

Some adult fiction is fine, I guess. But it's just not really my thing. I don't like it when people say you need to expand your 'horizons' in reading or that I have to read this book or I'm not a fangirl. Why can't I read what I love?