Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter Book Review!

Perfect Scoundrels - Ally Carter

Now I'm reviewing my favorite book in the Heist society series so far: Perfect Scoundrels. THIS BOOK IS SO AMAZING!!!


In this book, Hale's grandmother dies unexpectedly and leave Hale's family's company to him, even though he's still sixteen. Then Kat gets a tip that tells her that Hale's grandmother's will might have been faked. Kat tries to found out if the will was really faked and tries to steal Hale back.


Can I start by saying that Kat and Hale are officially a couple!!!  This made me very happy.


Kat feels like she's losing Hale to his old life, and she's doing everything she can to help him out.


When his's grandmother died, Hale has become very sad. Out of all the member's of his family, his grandmother was the only one he really loved and who really loved him back.


In my opinion, everyone steps it up in this book. I still love Simon, and Angus, and Hamish, and I even like Gabrielle a lot more in this book then I did before. I also love Kat's dad, and Uncle Eddie.


This whole book was fantastic! there are so many good parts. It had me laughing and crying. Ally Carter never disappoints.