How to Love by Katie Cotugno Book Review

How to Love - Katie Cotugno



I'm finally finished How to Love by Katie Cotugno, and I'm now going to review it!


Reena is in love Sawyer, and has been for a long time. But then one day, Sawyer leaves town, leaving Reena pregnant and alone. Two years later, Sawyer show up and tries make his way back into Reena's and her daughter, Hannah's lives, and Rena doesn't know what to do.


One thing I didn't like in this book was the swearing, and, oh boy, this book had a lot of swearing. I personally don't like swear words. Then the swearing got a bit more intense to the point where I was like 'Are you sure this is a YA book?'. 


I did, in fact, like Sawyer, Reena, Hannah, and I also kind of like Shelby. I didn't really like Reena's dad until the end. I did like Reena's step mom, she seemed like a good character.


I love the Reena and Sawyer parts. And there's the part were she sands up for her self at the dinner, I was almost crying when she told her dad that she knows the he thinks she's a slut and that she needed him and she loves him. That part broke my heart. Another part that I almost cried at was when her dad apologized.


The ending was good, I liked it, but I personally wish that it didn't take so long for them to get back together. I mean, I know she was mad and confused about him and all, but as a shipper, I wanted them together a lot sooner, but that's just me.


That's it for now.