Legend by Marie Lu Book Review!

Legend - Marie Lu

Time for me to review Legend by Marie Lu. This book was better then I'd thought it would be. 


The story there's dystopian society called the Republic. It's about a boy named Day, and a girl named June who come completely different backgrounds: Day is from the slums and is a wanted criminal, and June goes to a high class university and is training to be a soldier like her brother. When June's brother, Metias, is murdered all the clues seem to point to Day, and June goes undercover to catch him.


I really love Day. I don't condone stealing, but his heart is in the right place. He;s just a kid trying to help his family. Everyone thinks he's like a cold blooded criminal, but he's not.


I also like June. She's very tough, strong, and smart. I love her relationship with her brother. 


I also like Metias. I wish we saw more of him in the book.  I don't like Thomas. I don't no what to feel about Tess. Why do I get the feeling that there's gonna be a love triangle between June, Day, and Tess? I haven't read Prodigy  and Champion yet so I don't know.


I love the part when Day and June met, and when the kissed, and the end was good. But why did Day's mom and brother have to die?! Really? Really?!


This was a good book. I can't wait to read the next one.