Nancy Drew #4: The Mystery at Lilac Inn by Carolyn Keene Book Review!

The Mystery at Lilac Inn  - Carolyn Keene

It's been a long time since I reviewed a Nancy Drew book, I'm really slaking. Anyway, I'm gonna review the fourth book in the Nancy drew Mystery series, The Mystery at Lilac Inn.


In this book Nancy and Helen go to Lilac Inn to help their friend Emily with her wedding. But weird things are happening at Lilac Inn, and to make matters worse someone going around pretending to be Nancy. 


I liked this book a lot. I loved the characters, except,you know, the villain. Another character I didn't like was Maud.  She was so rude to everyone, and she was always quick to accuse Nancy of everything. Not to mention she flirted with Nancy's Dad.


It's interesting that the villain  was three people including Nancy. I dislike her more then any other ND villain ever.


I also recommend listening to Nancy Drew books on audiobooks, but I don't recommend falling asleep to them, and yes I'm speaking from personal experience. I was listening to this book on audiobook, I closed my eyes, and then scary music played loud and clear in my ears.


My favorite parts are when Helen goes for a walk at night and sees the so called ghost before getting knocked out, when Nancy impersonates the ghost and sees her own impersonator, and I really like the whole climax where Nancy is with the villains in the submarine and the boat. 


I love this book! It's full of good characters and a lot of mystery and drama to keep you sitting on the edge of your seat.