Significance by Shelly Crane Book Review!

Significance - Shelly Crane

Significance is the first book in the Significance series by Shelly Crane.  Let me start by saying that I love this book, I couldn't put it down.  


The story is about a girl named Maggie who just graduated high school.  On her way to a friends house she meets Caleb and saves him from being run over buy a truck, and when they shake hands Maggie see's visions of her and Caleb together.  Maggie is imprinted to Caleb, which means she's Significant or soul mate, and that Caleb and his family are Aces, who are people with special abilities.  


One thing I love how it's fantasy without it being like Harry Potter or Percy Jackson, It was different than most YA fantasy books and that's one of the things I loved about this book.  


And who else just loves Caleb and Maggie? They are so cut together! This is one the best romances I've ever read about.  


I also like Caleb's family.  They are really sweet, and welcome Maggie almost immediately. One member of Caleb's family who I don't like is Kyle.  He's so annoying. Plus I don't really like love triangles.  but this isn't exactly a love triangle because Maggie knows that she wants to be with Caleb and Caleb wants to be with her, so Kyle doesn't really have a chance.  


I also like Maggie's friend, Beck; she reminds me of Macey from the Gallagher Girls series.


I didn't like Maggie's parents at first, but I started liking her did more, but her mom, not so much.  I don't think Ill ever like Maggie's mom.


That's all for now.