FANG: A Maximum Ride Novel by James Patterson Book Review

Maximum Ride: Fang - James Patterson



Now I'm going to review Fang: A Maximum Ride Novel by James Patterson.  In this book Max and her friends meet Dylan, who has wings like them.  [spoiler] And Angel tells Max that Fang, who is Max's boyfriend now, is going o be the first of them to die, and Max doesn't handle it very well.  And Mr. Chu is still evil.


If you've read my other MR book reviews you may already know that I love Max and Fang as a couple.  I'm a huge Fax shipper.  And all the cute Max and Fang moments were awesome, and for some reason, this makes the Flock mad,


Angel made me really mad in this book.  [spoiler] Was it really necessary to kick Max out of the Flock?!  All she did was go to the store!  It's not her fault Erasers attacked  the Flock!  And Why were there Erasers anyway?  Didn't we find out in book three that all the Erasers were dead?


Also I really, really, really hate Dylan.  Really, James Patterson?  You couldn't let Max and Fang be a happy couple without there being a love triangle for one book?!   


And Mr. Chu is a frog thing?


And the ending made me cry.  Not cool James Patterson!  Do authors love to make me cry?


I loved the book but it wasn't the best book in the Maximum Ride series..