DIVERGENT by Veronia Roth Book Review

Divergent - Veronica Roth

Today I'm doing a review for DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth. I love this book! This is the best dystobian book I've ever read.  


In this book there are five factions: Dauntless, the brave. Abnegation, the self-less. Amity, the peaceful. Candor, the honest. Erudite, the intelligent. And once you turn sixteen you have to take an aptitude test to find out which faction you belong to.


Beatrice is from Abnegation but she transfers to Dauntless and changes her name to Tris. She's an awesome character. I kind of wish I was more like her.


I LOVE Four!  He is fantastic!  He's hot,strong, brave, smart, etc.  The FourTris scenes in this book were amazing. [spoiler] I also love how Four liked Tris since she arrived at Dauntless.  And When he said "I'm getting a little tired waiting for you to catch on." and I was like oh my gosh!  He likes her!  He likes her!  He Likes her!


I also love Tris's friends Christina, Will, Al and Uriah.  


Cristina is, like, the opposite of Tris. Christina is more outgoing and Tris is kind of keeps to herself at first.


Will is one of Tris's best friends, and they sometimes argue about the politics in the factions. I love Will.  I ship Will and Christina.


Al is the clumsy, shy guy who cares a lot about Tris. I like Al, I think he's a sweet guy. I don't like what he did though.


But out of all of Tris's friends, I love Uriah the most. He's so awesome!  I love how he treats Tris like she'd been Dauntless all her life. I love him!


I also like Tori. I think she's a awesome character even though she doesn't do much in this book.


And does anyone else hate Peter? He seriously gets on my nerves. I don’t like Caleb and Marcus that much either.


I really like the world in the book. I don’t think the faction system is a good thing (look at where it’s good them), but I think the factions are interesting. I’d personally would like to live in Dauntless, but, lets be honest, I’d probably die.


The story it’s self is amazing. If I have to pick a favorite part, that isn’t a FourTris part, I have to pick chapter six, because in that chapter it’s right after the Choosing Ceremony and Tris is running with the Dauntless and jumping on the train, etc. I just love that scene.


Well, I said all I wanted to say.