School's Out - Forever by James Patterson Book Review

School's Out - Forever  - James Patterson



This time I'm doing a review for the second book in the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson: School's Out - Forever.


In this book, Max and her Flock are still on the run the evil scientist that made them 98% human and 2% bird.  But Fang get injured and they have to make a stop in Washington D. C. and temporarily stay with a FBI agent which doesn't work out so well for Max.


Max"s and Fang"s relationship seems to grow in this book, which I really like.  The parts with Fang and Max are awesome.  


One thing I love about these books is that not just in Max's point of view.  In the we see how the Flock reacts to going to school (the real kind).  


Pretty much the only part that made me mad was the part when Max saw [spoiler] Lissa kissing Fang!  And He Kissed Her Back!  The good news is we never see Lissa again.


I also don't like the FBI agent Anne Walker.  I din't like from the beginning.  


Another character I don't like is Max II (Max's clone).  I never liked her.


Anyway, this was a very awesome book.  I can't wait to read it again.