Come Join in on the new Adult Book Club and discussion!!

Reblogged from Kitty's Book Spot!:

Please join us as we start the new year with some new book clubs to get the year started!


Join us at the Adult Book Club here at Kitty's Book Spot!  


For January we are reading a fan favorite!!  Please click below and join us today!


Kitty's Book Spot! ADULT BOOK CLUB


(***Please note that some browsers have problems loading this page.  Please try in another browser if this happens to you or feel free to look on the side of the blog page where the links can also be found.)



If you have any questions please follow the links to find out more.  I look forward to discussing more of our favorite oldies and new books with you!!


I should have the discussions up by the end of the weekend!  ENJOY!  


Happy reading and please do not forget to let us know if you like or dislike each chapter.  I personally use a 5/5 Paws rating.