Collide by Shelly Crane Book Review!

Collide  - Shelly Crane

Collide is the first book in the Collide series by Shelly Crane.


Strange things are happening to the earth. The moon is gone, and people die but when the come back they're totally different. Sherry doesn't believe any of it, but then her ex-boyfriend comes back as a completely different person then she remembers. 


When I read this book I wasn't really into it, but now I feel like I shouldn't have kept putting it of. It's amazing and one of my favorite books.


Sherry is an awesome character. She's a little different from Maggie (from Significance). Maggie was quiet but not afraid to stand up for herself, neither is Sherry, but Sherry, to me, seemed to come off more serious then Maggie. Sherry kind of a take charge kind of person, but since she's so small and frail looking people tend to find her very nonthreatening, like she's the one who needs protection the most. Even Merrick acts this way sometimes. But that probably isn't that far-fetch because they pointed out later in the series that Sherry couldn't hurt them even if she wanted to. But a female character doesn't need to be physically strong to be an awesome character.


Merrick is beyond amazing! I love him and Sherry! He is so sweet, and caring, and he kicks butt. 


Another character I really love is Jeff. I love his and Sherry's friendship, and Jeff and Merrick's bromance is one of my favorite things ever. And Jeff and Marissa. Nothing really happens between them in this book, I just like their relationship. At Jeff seems to hate her for what she did to Sherry, but then you see little scenes of them sitting together, laughing and smiling. I think Sherry totally ships it.


I like Danny a little. He and Celeste are cute together.


I also really like Ryan and Calvin. Ryan is such a sweet guy who you can't help but love, and Calvin is so cute.


This book was really good. If you're a fan of Shelly Crane I definitely recommend it.